Out-of-State Attorneys

Out-of-State Attorneys Who Need A Florida Probate Attorney For Ancillary Administration

We assist out-of-state attorneys with ancillary probate administration in Florida.

Often out-of-state residents own real property, including investment property and second homes, in the state of Florida. When a non-resident dies owning assets located in Florida, our office can assist by providing ancillary probate representation.

Ancillary probate administration usually deals with the sale or transfer to heirs of real estate located in Florida. However, we can also assist with property registered and titled in Florida, or that which is attached to Florida real estate, such as: mobile homes, boats, cars, and other motor vehicles.

If you are an attorney who is tasked with overseeing the administration of an estate that includes property located in Florida, please call the office at (239) 997-0078 or email Alexis@SitkaLaw.com to discuss your matter.